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***** The Transition_June 2021 *****

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Firstly, June was full of surprise. My trademark went unopposed for thirty days, which is the most incredible thing to ever happen to me and my brand. Hands down. Single-handedly. Ever. This means I have a real fighting chance of owning a registered trademark company in the United States. This is a tremendous opportunity and for me one of the greatest achievements of my life! I will keep you updated on the results.

Secondly, I am gaining more insight and developing a better perspective on my neighbors and surroundings in this city. My popularity is growing like wildfire. Not only am I being recognized more wherever I go, word about my brand is spreading all over Los Angeles. A routine trip to the post office, leads to a new person becoming aware of my products and a new order in the inbox. This happened yesterday.

With this newfound recognition, comes more praise and inevitably more jealousy. It is a common human emotion, we've all felt. This can be used an excuse for the comments, scrutiny, discrimination, and disrespect sent my way so far this year, but I have learned to deal with it better. I'll only address these surreptitious behaviors briefly. As part of my newfound clarity, I've arrived at the understanding that the less attention returned to those nameless and anonymous harassers the better for all parties involved.

We can all ascertain they view me as a celebrity. Unbeknownst to them or not, they seek attention daily. This includes behaviors such as: screaming my name, spying in my windows, monitoring my routines, commenting on the mundane and calling attention to EVERYTHING seen, heard and/or perceived etc. etc. etc. As you may have guessed, as the end of the month approached, and the blog was likely to be published, there was an uptick in the antics.

Their behaviors haven't changed, in fact they're provocations have increased, I've simply learned to not give a f*ck. Instead, I'm more focused on my actual accomplishments, my real experiences, and all the positive feedback from my many supporters and growing audience. This is a big deal for a Brooklyn girl like myself. Stay tuned for the best that is on the way. I'm manifesting!

Thirdly, I mentioned that I would introduce raw veganism this month. I did a 90 day cleanse last August, September and October 2020 before making the cross country trek. Since then I've decided it would be most beneficial to live a life that is mostly raw vegan. This means, consuming daily meals comprised in large part of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouted beans and legumes. Eating predominately raw foods, meaning for most meals everyday is my favorite routine. I will dedicate an entire blog, or perhaps create a food diary to provide for greater insight and to share more of what has helped to accomplish this newfound sense of inner peace.