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The Finale_Part I_November 2021

November was a month full of accomplishments and milestones. I have now successfully completed the opposition phase of a second Trademark this year. This time I will be Trademarking a Design Mark for my now cross-country Brand. I drew the logo over 6 years ago and offered the inspiration to a Graphic Designer while we were both still college students.

The logo has received an overwhelming reception from a vast reaching audience and it is now my proudest accomplishment in my career so far. It is a Design Mark that defies all the rules of branding. Yet I wanted it to defy all the conventional guidelines, and help me overcome every obstacle and still maintain my image as the most influential face of my Company. I wanted to design a logo and place it on every product I handmade. I wanted a Company where I would express my artistic creativity while being in control of my own life, destiny, and career. I wanted creative freedom, unfettered artistic expression while manufacturing a product and offer an extension of myself that would help improve the quality of people's lives.

I think I've accomplished this here today. I feel very lucky to say, that I've manifested one of my life's greatest dreams. Thank you so much for being the most instrumental part of that. I look forward to the most triumphant conclusion of the year. I can't wait to see you at a Pop-up Shop event soon.

Hair Pomade, which will be coming online soon. Recently, trademarked with the logo.

There was also a Birthday Party in November. Yes, this is the first year I have advertised it and it's because it is such a landmark year. I am officially in my mid 30's. I am extraordinarily career driven and full of optimism about the future. I have had some time to reflect on life and I have decided to transform my look. I would like my personal style to now reflect where I am headed. I envision a successful career managing an International Brand with more mind-blowing dreams just waiting to come true. I would like to project an image of success and professionalism. I want to dress myself in a way that commands respect and transcends time. It's a Classic, Boss Babe, Good Look.

I have also decided to treat myself EXTREMELY well this year. This entails gifts, holidays, and much needed more personal time. Outside of my career, I would like to maintain relationships that nourish me familially, mentally, and wholesomely. I love myself and I value my dedication to what matters most and I want to use this year as a marker to set the tone for how I deserve to inhabit this Earth-Space moving forward. This also entails leaving a more impactful and beneficial imprint on the world.

Then there was Thanksgiving. I'm not big on this National Holiday but I do appreciate a day off that everyone can get on board with. I am usually more focused on the day after as I get to vend and focus on my Business, which I'm sure you've already gathered is of quite the importance to me. However, I splurged on veganism by using Organic ingredients and supporting local business when I could. I also decided to make it a weekend long celebration. I've noticed that people like to try to spoil the fun, so as with my Birthday this month I extended the celebration across several days and therefore came up with two delicious meals over the course of the Holiday weekend. No days off, of course.

Vegan Baked Ziti was twice as nice.

Then, I got out in nature some more. I have extended my weekly hikes in Griffith Park, which are so beneficial for my mental space. I love the walking and the nature. I have began exploring other trails and hope to incorporate other locations in this. I stumbled upon two horseback riders, which led me to discover this alternate route back to society.

I also stumbled on the above herd of these deer. They began performing for the camera as soon as I started filming. Such an amazing sight in LA.

Lastly, I wanted to share that I bought some flowers to commemorate the month. Song is Scorpio by Moneybagg Yo. I do not own the song or any rights to it. It is just so fitting for the above. I hope you are still enjoying the "My Year in LA Blog." I must admit, I am happy the obligatory monthly posts will soon come to an end. Next year, I will introduce a new verion of the Blog. I am unsure of what the theme will be, but I am hoping for something more travel focused.. Wishing everyone the commencement of a Happy Holiday Season as we prepare for an awesome 2022. Bon Chance.

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