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  The Natural Brand

Handmade with love, seriously!


Class Haus Femme, et al. is a brand founded on love and intuition. It is a melange of poetry, meeting art, colliding with passion. Life is poetry in motion and the lyric of life should be elegant. Therefore this brand strives to bring a little, or a lot of  life's goodness to you all in one place.


Whether it be through the intoxicating fragrance of the candles, the natural earth friendly ingredients used in the skin care products, or the labor intensive design of our labels, we hope to add a bit of pleasure to your life each and every day. So, let one of our candles and other handmade items, illuminate your day and aromatherapy your life!


Candles decrease stress, promote tranquility and overall well being. Our masterful pieces which are handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York add an instant beauty to your home. The decorative nature of the candles, function as home decor as well and come with the added bonus of exquisite scent.

Some people need a soundtrack to life, why not a scent to compliment every mood? Each handmade item is paired with a fun and quirky name to match the mood or state of being it is created to evoke. These candles make it effortless to chill out at the end of the day, set a romantic atmosphere,  meditate, create ambience or simply to make any space feel warm and inviting. Whatever the occasion, we've got a scent for that! 

Why Handmade?


I have a serious obsession surrounding candles. I love to smell a pleasant aroma. I decided to start a candle company because I wanted to make candles that were non toxic, healthy for the planet and safe for human inhalation. I want to add to people's lives in a harmless and eco-friendly way. These handmade in the USA candles, do just that!


I have a passion for creating unconventional scent combinations that blend seamlessly once merged. The candles are made from 100% American grown soy wax. The wicks are hemp, all natural and they serve to elongate the burn time. The body butter contains simple ingredients, including raw Shea Butter, which is unadulterated in any way. It is Shea Butter in its purest state and the whipped consistency is a dream to moisturize with. All products are meant to be gentle on the environment and good for the mind, body, soul and mood.

At the moment I make all the products myself,  and have done so for 7 years and counting. I am a seasoned Entrepreneur at this point and things are only getting better. What started as a way to pay my tuition, has blossomed into so much more now post- graduation. I  am grateful for a wonderful education. The skills I learned in school form a solid foundation for future success to this day.


I design the labels and I curate all the scents. I wanted to create a line of products with simple natural ingredients, that everyone can easily pronounce. It is a line of products that smell divine, function as decor and I hope will bring a smile to every face. I think I will succeed. I love what I do and I want to keep doing it. I aim to bring quality products into your home, that are affordable and practical. All while adding an eccentric and unique element to any space. Please enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

Yours Truly,


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