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*****Politics_October 2021*****

October 2021 was a month of surprise. LA has proven to be quite a difficult and hateful undertaking. It is unfair to summarize my entire experience based on the actions of a few angry individuals but I have to be honest about my experiences here thus far.

Due to the overwhelming support of all the people, from every walk of life, I am having the most successful year of my career. It is also a year marred by hate and jealousy. I will elaborate below.

For every great success and accomplishment, there is an equally unpleasant and malicious counterpart. For all the kind souls who love, respect and praise my entrepreneurship, there is an angry person who does not want to see Black Business thrive. This is how I am left to summate October. There is great opposition that has come with being a Solopreneur during the "pandemic," where we live in a land full of rules, regulations, and now forced upon government mandates. It has become a war between those who blindly follow, and those who choose to have a voice. I am as independent and self reliant as one could hope to be. For the aforementioned reason, I am now being targeted publicly by those who feel anger about their own circumstance. It is largely due to my success, intelligence but most importantly because of the color of my skin.

On October 31, 2021 I was evicted from Echo Park Lake. I was asked to leave by Park Rangers who were told there were complaints. I was interrupted during my workday for the second time this year after purchasing from the City of Los Angeles an official Vendor's Permit. I was told I could and should set up on the outside of the fence, alongside the rest of the illegal vending. What they asked me to do in effect was, go beyond the barrier that was put up after they closed the park a few months ago due to the homeless population that had grown there, after paying for the privilege to be inside.

This above incident at Echo Park Lake comes directly after two white men, on two separate occasions over the course of a single weekend approached my table under the guise of purchasing candles. They both quickly found fault with my presence; outside of the merchandise, as part of my most legitimate display. They were greeted politely, the way everyone else is also greeted. There was more interaction with one than the other, yet it is obvious to me anyway, that the official problem is with my "Blackness."

I believe, wholeheartedly that their entitlement could not allow for a Black woman, to be the only person with a successful corporation in the now "reformed" Echo Park Lake. I find it to be the most substantive part of the racism criticisms, laid out in this very blog earlier this year. As of late my social media posts have been littered with #BuyBlack gifs celebrating my Black Owned Business. Things have become more problematic ever since. The two White Rangers were quick to ask me to leave, while I feel not at all investigating ANY of the claims. I am officially requesting a refund for the permit and taking my business outside of this city. I moved here to legitimize things but all I get now is push-back and dismissals from enforcers who don't verify the merit of claims made by people who have hateful agendas.

I will remain in LA for the remainder of the year to be fair to those who have contributed to my success this year. I am so grateful for their support and I have also undoubtedly made some amazing friendships here in this city as well. I would like to also thank everyone for their contributions to my success and growth so far. I look forward to seeing everyone this holiday season, and will continue to deliver quality goods with a smile and the same personality so many people have grown to love. November will be so much better and full of visuals to accompany. Until then, stay vigilant.

Last day in Echo Park Lake, I plan to never return.

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