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Full Circle_Part II_December 2021

Updated: Feb 26

December has made for an all around very successful conclusion to the year. After a slower paced summer, I found more opportunity collaborating with small business, much like I did in NYC. When one door closed at Echo Park Lake, another opened in Studio City, CA. It made for an improvement in generosity which solidified the most successful selling year of my career. Silverlake, CA was equally good to me in that regard. I've found this endeavor has proven to be one of the smartest moves for my business as my intention was to introduce myself and my brand to a new audience. The reception far exceeded every expectation.

At this point in my life and career, outside of some great miracle however, I will in all likelihood not remain in Los Angeles long-term. It is a city that is tremendously supportive of Black Owned Business in the most beautiful capacity. There are billboards promoting the former which makes for such a tremendous dynamic for minority and female entrepreneurship of every kind, on every level. I've encountered this firsthand on countless occasions. However, there is a parallel counterpart that is angry and hateful and I am becoming quite unhappy here..

With this kind of warm reception from such a diverse audience, I have experienced and witnessed a tremendous amount of hate, that is specific to people of color. I'm sure I don't need to elaborate on the verbiage, but there were two very public incidents involving witnesses in Los Feliz, CA. I was carrying my marketing materials at the time. It's not the first time I've heard the aforementioned hate speech, near my home. I won't make mention of the other instances, because I have no proof.

Outside of that, it is a city very rooted in the celebrity culture. This comes with an incredible amount of unwarranted and unwelcome scrutiny. Some people will say and do anything for "celebrity attention," and desperately seek it. I am beyond baffled how complete strangers act out in the most unscrupulous ways, for any semblance of feeling famous, while trying to force me into the above category. I am aware that I am well-known for being a respected entrepreneur in my community, yet this is the reason certain people use to justify their malicious behavior. There is an unparalleled level of harassment, I have never encountered. I would like to get far away from it. That being said, I am tremendously grateful for all the supporters, and candle-lovers out there and my small business sincerely thanks you.

I am also happy that this is the final iteration of the "My Year In LA Blog." In 2022 I'd like to keep sharing and providing an outlet for my growing audience. I will be starting a raw vegan cleanse which will commence with a 90 day commitment. I think it will offer me the opportunity to detox and improve. I look forward to a season of healing and introspection. See below a month full of adventure. I look forward to the next installment in a new city. Stay tuned for that. Wishing everyone a happy, peaceful, prosperous, blessed and healthy New Year.

Took a trip to Palm Springs. My favorite breakfast on the west coast. Might be a nice place to live.

Walk through the hood.

The best view! Unsuccessful hike attempt but lovely panorama.

Just a collection of trees. I love the season.



Christmas Palm

A little project I started.

I have become quite interested in interior decorating and artspace. This started as a redecoration attempt, but evolved into the most organic form of modern art expression. It is art that is lived in. I will use the space to collect my thoughts and plan for the upcoming year. I anticipate better outcomes and I aspire to perhaps start doing this type of homebased art-design for others. I look forward to the personal time the upcoming year has to offer.

Lastly, 2022 started with fireworks. It's a year of decisiveness, self honoring and fulfillment. May your year be filled with as much beauty.


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