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******The Real Deal_July 2021******

July 2021 was full of excitement. This month I won't bore you with more of the same recounting of the calculated behaviors others have done to get mentioned on this most tiny blog space. I will instead, highlight some of the best moments of the month. See below July as depicted through the lens. Enjoy my perspective via photograph and video art. Hopefully August will be full of adventure as well with more exciting tales to tell and perhaps another earth-shattering poem.

It started with a trip to Union Station. A simple Amtrak ticket to San Diego was the solution to the L.A. County blues.

View from the window seat. Feels good to be an Entrepreneur in charge of my own day from start to finish...

A quick walk after brunch on Ocean Beach...

Est-ce que vous comprennez ma pointe de vue?

On the way to the next up...

Look at the sky. Amazing shot, snapped in a millisecond.

Looks like Coney Island from where I'm standing. No time for rides this day trip. I think I already mentioned there's freedom in the schedule for that.

First time in Griffith Park. Just a stone's throw from the current residence, which is still and always will be marred by racism as far as I'm concerned. No offense to The Hollywood Sign. I will definitely be hosting pop-up events near there very soon.

I like the views from here...

The Hollywood Reservoir. This is a short drive away and unbeknownst to me how beautiful until the very day. The winding road to get there was also quite spectacular and a fun afternoon spent with an equally fabulous companion.

It's the world famous Hollywood Sign. Mmhmm... Peep the bird who made it in the shot.

The most fabulous roof with ocean views in Hermosa Beach. The funnest day trip all month and another afternoon spent in good company doing fun things like painting nails.

My second favorite cooked meal of the month. The first was so delicious I forgot to photograph. The above was photographed at The Spot in Hermosa Beach. The aforementioned July favorite was in Ojai, California, best tempeh bacon sandwich a girl could ask for. Yum...

Had to exit the sizeable vehicle to capture this awe-inspiring moment.

The first real breathtaking view in the Ojai Valley. This is located in Ventura County which is only a short 1.5hrs drive from Los Angeles. The entire drive is stunning. The rural small town full of horses in backyards... Say what?! It's also full of beautiful hikes and fresh air. We will absolutely revisit.

Best secret, most private and exclusive hike I've ever had the privilege of experiencing. Had to continue the tradition and name some peaks...

The exit. One last jaw-dropping capture.

This is a Ventura County Beach, I forget the name. Again, a second favorite of the month. I preferred the waves at Hermosa Beach, although I didn't bother getting in the water here. Lazing on the sand seemed more fitting. There are pictures of that adventure on the social media. Nonetheless an awesomely good time and this is admittedly a very beautiful take here.

Speaking of beautiful, see above my favorite raw vegan meal this month.

And how fitting to conclude this post with my favorite private moment of the month? They say yellow roses are for jealousy. I pray these help to eliminate the excess of that from my existence. Until then, stay tuned...

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