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The Pivot_April 2021

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

April was intense. I have made the difficult decision to vacate the premises after only residing in this beautiful house, on the beautiful street for 6 short months. Since the last iteration of the blog, I have started protesting at the cross section where I take my ride-share to work events. I bear a recycled paper sign and it reads "Racism Lives On This Street." I recite the aforementioned phrase into oncoming traffic. I speak words which DO NOT promote violence as the on-comers follow along. Some people honk in encouragement, other faces are covered in disbelief, some are clearly mortified. Their faces bear witness to this incredible bravery, that I never thought I would have to show. There seems to be disbelief because this well dressed woman, with her successful business in tow, is standing in defiance of the modern day oppression or suppression of the excellence, strength, courage and will-power the African Woman is capable of.

Everyday in order to clean my dishes, use my bathroom, make business phone calls, and manage my brand in this private residence, I have to experience a tremendous amount of criticism. My actions are watched, monitored, and commented on constantly. My neighbors are very vociferous and overt with their disrespect. Oftentimes, from sunrise to sunset I hear my actions, being monitored and discussed in a public forum. They say things like "It's just the mundane we talk about." They believe they are warranted in their scrutiny and provide excuses for their actions. "She doesn't understand it's because she's famous." get said a lot on this street, where fear resides. I wish there were blinds.

It has so far cost me once again my home. I can't imagine how much business it would cost if I weren't so defiant. Finding a more suitable place for my business is the only reason, I couldn't move sooner. I did not move to California during one of the most challenging times in modern history in an attempt to uproot my life so soon. I didn't imagine that when I moved here I would be up against the most racism I have ever experienced in my entire life. I protest routinely. Not much has changed regarding their behaviors since then. Some of the neighbors have harshly criticized my public and peaceful protest. It is the only safe space I can think of to vent my frustrations and channel my emotions. I have been called names on a daily basis. I have become stronger because of it.

Some of the neighbors seem to be in agreement and challenge the disrespect. They cheer along and also extend approval, with kinder words after hearing some of the insults that come along with this level of ingenuity. After all, we don't live in an entirely racist world. My customer base is as diverse as ever and is growing in light of my resilience during the harshest criticism I've ever faced. I can't be sure what anybody really thinks though, no one has apologized to me for any on this. I hear the materials published on my business platforms, discussed repeatedly.

The racists find it appropriate to peer and disclose the likes of my eating habits and regimens. Some of the information I would have liked to share myself in the most professionally capacity. I hope to take legal action soon. In the meantime, I will continue to give more, be better and shine brighter. Next month, I hope to leave you with amazing news. For now a poem will have to suffice. I wrote this a few months ago, it rings truer today more than ever. Happy Spring!


And if the poison becomes the antidote

Then the curse becomes the reason for the sin

I’d ask if I’m forgiven

For the betrayals that laid within

But the unanswered inquiries bother me not

For the truth is far removed

Their motives are still temperamental

And to comply still would not behoove

The burden of proof remains

On the heavy heart that beats

And the secrets that you claim

Solidify your defeat

If the womb still purveys

Do your thoughts conflict the same

I question if your reality matches

The real outcome of the game?

And if you never get back up

I promise it wouldn’t arouse concern

For hypocrisy sealed your defeat

All to blatant and easy to discern

Then the consequence becomes the measure

then the lies foretell the pain

And your fate reveals a danger

That the cowardly disdain

I wonder would it please thy sovereign

To repay kindness with a gentle embrace

Then all thy monsters and your demons

Shall suddenly become erased

Some ration if there’s a heaven

I dare not ponder all too loud

I questioned whether to keep my virtue

For Romeo where forth art thou

My presence is thus immortal

Our destiny is also quite profound

The spoils of the victory are countless

All hail the champion, then, forever and now

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