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******The Fruition******_ August 2021

I envisioned August to be a month of business and day-trips yet once again the reality doesn't always match the vision. The ultimate vision is always to attain goals, improve my circumstances, and arrive closer to excellence. I have finally successfully trademarked

Class Haus Femme, et al. Inc. in the United States of America. It had been a long and highly sought after achievement, and I am more proud of myself than words could ever describe. This sense of accomplishment can only arrive from years of hard work combined with willful sacrifice finally paying off.

Instead in the month of August I maintained a consistent work schedule that I happily adhered to. The hours were long, but it's the career path I have chosen and I am so exceedingly lucky to be living the life of my dreams. This cross country adventure has been one of my great life choices and because of that, I am so pleased about how and from where I get to share one of my biggest triumphs today. I anticipate many more big wins, and I look forward to the future of achieving great things.

Due to the culmination of said experiences, mixed with a little expertise, I accept challenges with a seasoned and positive minded approach. I am able to make decisions with a more professional approach. Enjoy below, a month full of incredible firsts. Check out some amazing hikes, and new discoveries from a Femmepreneur point of view. Until next month, with better things to share....stay one step ahead.

Favorite easy hike. Thirty minutes to the top, killer view with a bench and nicely paved!

Higher up point and alternate hiking trail at Runyon Canyon Los Angeles, CA with some of the best views around.

Look at those beautiful trees...

The connecting thread...Hollywood Sign at Runyon Canyon Park.

Hollywood Sign at Griffith Park.