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My Year in L.A. California _January 2021

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Bienvenue Chez Class Haus Femme, et al!

Happy New Year!

I originally imagined this new iteration of the blog as a reflection. In an attempt to commemorate this year full of new beginnings and adventure. As time progressed however, the idea has manifested itself into a unique form of creative and self expression. Here, every month I leave you with a special token. It will, in its purest essence be the culmination of all things that served to inspire.

This month, I commemorate New York City. Find below, an ode to Brooklyn, NY. You probably deserve better. I thank you for making me so tough!

Merci beaucoup et à la prochaine!

Je Vous en Prie

Dear Brooklyn

I should’ve written you a love poem I decided it was best we part ways I needed to let go of you, for me to grow I never dreamed I’d outgrow you so drastically

tragically painfully slow Every daydream transformed to blissful manifestation Take no offense from my selfish decision My delusions of grandeur led me astray The universe figured it was better this way We’ve shared this beautiful, unshakable, unwavering love I guess I owe you an apology I never meant to do you wrong I only wanted to see what possibility lied beyond my fear You still can’t seem to make it pass the pain If you feel I’ve mistreated, betrayed, or let you down Please hold me accountable I wanted to impress myself Instead I impressed upon myself that I am enough I’ve arrived It’s a quarter to my destiny Now, it’s a half past forever and I still don’t miss you yet Every day feels novel I dare reach my potential

This is a culmination of forward thinking Divine intervention too sacred for words

I am woman I’d ask for your forgiveness, but don’t blame me for that I strive for excellence Loyalty to thyself, never disappoints I won’t live in the shadow of your disillusioned complacency I find no comfort in the glaring inadequacies of our codependent tendencies I may never return ❤️ With all due respect, don’t hold it against me✨

You may have been my first love

The lessons you taught leave lasting impressions I’ll make you proud if it’s the last thing I do You’ll never forget me and I still I can’t deny you I implore thee Let me go We have no unfinished business You may never forgive yourself otherwise This is a metaphorical massacre And I came to slay Brooklyn I couldn’t love you unconditionally I agree, you needn't ask me not to I owe you everything For nothing in return

Dear Brooklyn I wrote you a love poem Because you were there, when I needed you most That needed to be said That being said I hope we’ll make our way back to love someday Until then, Find solace in that You raised me vicious How shall I ever repay you?

Crown Me Victorious

For Glory Hallelujah


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