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Jamaica_ Ocho Rios in St. Ann Parish_ Part III

Updated: May 15, 2020

Let's start with a cruise ship! These have become quite controversial since my last post, but I did mention they would be a recurring theme. This is the popular Ocho Rios port where at least one cruise ship can be seen pulling in almost daily. Downtown Ocho Rios comes alive whenever a cruise ship is in port, with tourists flocking to restaurants, bars, shops, markets and so much more. They are essential to businesses in that area. Being a Jamaican person myself, I love to see the city full of people from across the globe. There is another port in Falmouth. I've seen a cruise ship pulling in there, when I was en route to Montego Bay, but I've never been walking around in those neck of the woods. I have however made a stop on a bus in Falmouth to a famous area, where tourists and locals alike can get a glimpse of bio-luminescence. One of the few places on Earth, where this natural wonder may be marveled. A sight I've always wanted to see, but have yet to. There's always next trip. ;)

Check out that depth of field. Did you also notice the construction to the left? Beyoncé joke...

Seriously though, on this last visit to Jamaica, I noticed on my way to the airport, on the air conditioned non stop bus we opted for, that the north coast is drastically different from my January 2015 visit. There is construction lining the highway from Ochi to MoBay. Jamaica is becoming a tourist haven, party paradise, and I kinda like it. A tiny complaint, I guess would be that, there are hardly any real Jamaicans living in Jamaica. Except for the ones, who have lived and worked abroad and are now retired. They have purchased homes along the coast, which double as vacation rentals. A good idea, I presume.

Well, what do you know? Real Jamaicans, living on the island. I love to see tourists and Jamaicans alike, coinciding in harmony. Although, there was a notable fight that day caused by some guy and his lady over empty beach chairs???

Fortunately this had nothing to do with me. I guess he wanted to seem tough and impress her. They totally did not mess up my vibage! Ironically however, although Jamaican men are notorious for their cat calling especially when they see a female walking alone, I have never had any issues or spats with any Jamaican man on the island, ever... I am quite famous for taking long walks alone, wherever I am and oftentimes when I travel. Yet, no issues have ever arisen with any Jamaican man. On the contrary, they are always helpful, even when I decline their advances. They usually immediately propose marriage, lol... The women, however can't stand my sexy...


Empty beach chairs... Look at this guy, way too cool for school. At the famous Margaritaville Beach in Ocho Rios. You can buy a beer for $600 JMD and have access to this tiny clean beach all day. Get ready for snobs though. I've visited a lot of the Margaritavilles on the island. My favorite one is in Negril, on the most gorgeous beach. They are tourist traps and the menus are in USD, but I like them. Markedly however, I have never spent any money at any Margaritaville but if there is a Margaritaville, that means there are plenty other fun things to do in the nearby vicinity. The next two photos are of other fun things to do in the area close by...

Never spent money at the above either, but it's right next door.

Oh look, another tourist trap. But, people like these places and they provide day and nighttime entertainment. I'm a budget traveler if you haven't already gauged this. So conventional restaurants like these don't appeal to dine in. I will stop by and peruse the menu though. The only restaurant I've ever visited was at the Fisherman's Village that used to be on the opposite side of this beach, which I'll show you in a minute.

This is where the Fisherman's Village used to be. I met a cool dude, whom I turned into a fictional character for a classroom assignment. He bought me lunch and beers, then took me to a dive bar. He also provided the correct directions on how to get back to the duplex, because I was understandably inebriated afterwards. He also wanted to get married, haha. It may be the most fun, afternoon I've ever had in Ochi. Now instead of cool locals and affordable plein air spots, there is construction, because condos are being built. Oh yeah, and a cruise ship.

Finally off the beach and on the way to my favorite spot in Ochi Town.

This a first... Bikers on the go...


This place used to be so low key, but then I went in 2015 and everybody else wanted to go. There was huge government fight about who should own this spot. They tried to purchase and privatize, but the people were outraged. They called in to radio programs, protested and more. The people were heard and they left it open and kept it free. Last time I heard...

Now, although it's free to access, some people still pay for guided tours. It's a place I stumbled upon by chance back in 2015. These photos were taken in 2018. It is the only free spot in the area, and one of the few free waterfalls on the island. It's right across from Mystic Mountain, Dolphin Cove and Dunn's River Falls, which are all paid tourist attractions. There's always a catch I guess, or is it the silver lining?

You can also pay for lockers to hold your stuff, although I wasn't charged. I am a Jamaican Goddess. ;)

Quick trip to the Falls now back to the city...

They got some cannons over here. Some, Jamaican history pour vous. :)

Forgot to highlight this Glass Bottom Boat. These are cool.

Et voila, c'est moi. Photo taken by the best tour guide on the island and one of my favourite people in the universe...

Lastly, let's look at this beautiful garden. Reminds me of Hope Gardens where my dad used to me take me as a kid. I hope you enjoyed my Jamaica blog series...

Oh and about the compost pile mentioned in Part I, I was chopping up a jelly coconut right in front of it, when a garbage truck came through and busted up the pipes of the guest house I was staying at. I would say the host deserved it, but then the water pressure was very weak after that. Fortunately it was my second to last day there, because the water wasn't heated either. She probably should have also put that in the ad. Thanks for reading! Next up, Hawaii. Aloha.

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