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Jamaica_Port Antonio in Portland Parish_ Part II

The Blue Lagoon!

What can I say? My favorite place on the island, maybe in the entire universe. This specific pool is colder than the lagoon which can be easily accessed by crossing that stone barrier. The rocks are slippery and the deepest part of the water isn't too far off. So be careful!

They call this pool the "Fountain of Youth." I spent most of my time here. It can be best reached by a hired raft or boat ride with a nice guide. However, as mentioned earlier, I quickly make friends and they assisted with life jackets, ways to get around the property and very good conversation. BIG UP to all the workers on location.

Walkway to the "Fountain of Youth." One of the guides and two really cool french tourists. They were the nicest on the island.

Now let's head the other way

Paradise Island

Over yonder you can see the beach chairs of The Blue Lagoon Resort. Find there a private beach, bar and exclusivity. Worth the money for the seclusion from what I could see.