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Jamaica_Port Antonio in Portland Parish_ Part II

The Blue Lagoon!

What can I say? My favorite place on the island, maybe in the entire universe. This specific pool is colder than the lagoon which can be easily accessed by crossing that stone barrier. The rocks are slippery and the deepest part of the water isn't too far off. So be careful!

They call this pool the "Fountain of Youth." I spent most of my time here. It can be best reached by a hired raft or boat ride with a nice guide. However, as mentioned earlier, I quickly make friends and they assisted with life jackets, ways to get around the property and very good conversation. BIG UP to all the workers on location.

Walkway to the "Fountain of Youth." One of the guides and two really cool french tourists. They were the nicest on the island.

Now let's head the other way

Paradise Island

Over yonder you can see the beach chairs of The Blue Lagoon Resort. Find there a private beach, bar and exclusivity. Worth the money for the seclusion from what I could see.

My Island... The Blue Lagoon, once called The Blue Hole got its name from the popular 1980 film. I haven't seen that one yet...

The first time I came here, I did not want to leave. So I went back the next day and swam for hours. I got a ride to Monkey Island, which I'm told is /was owned by the Princess of Monaco and is the site of a very cool action flick. Find the video of the raft ride and extra cool raft guy on social media @classhausfemme

This water is extremely deep. About 180 feet. I rafted all around this and back into the Caribbean Sea. The two waters combine to give it this magnificent color. One of the most beautiful places I have ever feasted my eyes on. And this was on a cloudy day...

On the way home.....

I did not take many pictures while in Port Antonio because at that point I was just testing out the idea of a blog. It hadn't yet developed into a photo series. It was my first time on the North East Coast and I was mostly in awe of the area.

There were lots of friendly vendors along the road side selling fruit and other wares. Roadside vending is not uncommon on the island. There I found many jelly coconuts and usually bought at least two. Sometimes I found vendors selling in front of their homes and they offered the best deals. They would on occasion throw in one for free and usually offered some other bit of helpful advice. I walked alone mostly and waved to everyone along the way.

Just outside the Blue Lagoon. This walkway is open to vehicles which are usually carrying tourists. These are resort properties and can go for around $1000 a night. It's a safer way to get to the road to catch a route taxi home.

Yet another view of a splendid beach. As mentioned in Part I, every beach in Port Antonio is gorgeous. Beaches I visited are as follows: San San Beach, Winifred Beach, Boston Beach and Frenchman's Cove.

Frenchman's Cove may be the nicest on the list and also the priciest. The entrance fee again is $10 and there is a very nice restaurant on premises, with a veggie option. There is also a beautiful property for bird watching and am told some of the best birds on the island may be found there. Not just a beach, there is a fresh water swimming area which flows into the ocean and just a stunning display of nature. I had a kick-ass time here. I did not take pictures because on that Sunday there was a tour bus from Kingston full of people, and the beach was packed. Nonetheless, an afternoon well spent.

Frenchman's Cove can also be viewed in all it's glory in an amazing 1989 movie. It looks almost the same.

Thanks for stopping by and check back soon for lots more pictures in Ocho Rios.

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