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Jamaica_Port Antonio in Portland Parish_ Part I

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Reach Falls: One of the few places I actually pay for admission. I know my way around the North Coast well and quickly develop a rapport with the locals. They show me ways to get around and usually how to bypass entrance fees. That being said, this was worth the $1o admission fee. There is a beautifully maintained property, that is well manicured. The bathrooms are clean and parking is included. Nonetheless there are alternate ways for entrance but I wouldn't venture to do so, without a local friend or companion.

View from the steps

Top of the steps

The Falls in Port Antonio... A nice alternative to Dunns River Falls, which is in Ocho Rios.


We got yelled at for climbing below the yellow rope, but all the fun was down there ;)

Winifred Beach at sunset. This beach is donation based. Lots of delicious food to be found here. There is also a jelly coconut guy. While in Jamaica in January 2018, I found myself on a "Jelly Coconut Conquest." It was my mission to have a jelly coconut every day.. If I missed a day, I would have to make up for it the next, and so on and so forth. Needless to say, I was on a budget and this guy refused to negotiate. On the island he was the only one. He did not get my money, but his coconuts looked nice. It's also important to note that you can expect to pay more for items on the beach.



This beach is gorgeous and looks even better during the day. Nice free beaches like this are hard to find. Yet, every beach in Port Antonio is stunning.

View from my window at the place I was staying. Nice location and amazing views. The host was helpful but her attitude left something to be desired...

Below the yellow rope

The stuff dreams are made of ;-)

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