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Jamaica_ Ocho Rios in St. Ann Parish_ Part I

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Kaz Kreol Beach. It's a private beach through a resort style setting. Entrance fee is $500 JMD or $5 USD. It is, however adjacent to White River. There you can find a secret path of entry for locals and the brave....

When facing the ocean, to the far right is an adult only resort. A little closer, in the distance, where the man stands, that is where White River meets the Caribbean Sea. There you will find friendly fishermen and rafters, who will take you on a tour of White River for a nominal fee. It may be the most gorgeous romantic river on the island. Worth the fare.

A little further away.

Jamaica has so many gorgeous beaches and I'm always up for visiting one.

Zoom Lens...

Facing left, is tanning heaven..