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Jamaica_ Ocho Rios in St. Ann Parish_ Part I

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Kaz Kreol Beach. It's a private beach through a resort style setting. Entrance fee is $500 JMD or $5 USD. It is, however adjacent to White River. There you can find a secret path of entry for locals and the brave....

When facing the ocean, to the far right is an adult only resort. A little closer, in the distance, where the man stands, that is where White River meets the Caribbean Sea. There you will find friendly fishermen and rafters, who will take you on a tour of White River for a nominal fee. It may be the most gorgeous romantic river on the island. Worth the fare.

A little further away.

Jamaica has so many gorgeous beaches and I'm always up for visiting one.

Zoom Lens...

Facing left, is tanning heaven..

La Plage

Behind the bar. This is a hotel beach and many only allow hotel guests. However, this beach allows for paid entrance, veggie options, and killer sunsets!!


Lots of cruise ships to be found in Ocho Rios, because there is a stop over here. Find lots more recurring cruise ship photos here.

Watching the sunset...

I had a blast frolicking in the water. It is so cool and nice. When I was called a mermaid, my rebuttal was "I'm a water nymph." ;)

While in Ocho Rios, I stayed in a big house on a hill, with killer views. Check back for those photos soon. Kaz Kreol Beach is at the bottom of the hill and this brook/spring is further at the top. I went with two German housemates to revisit Blue Hole, but decided against it because the unofficial tour guides at the entrance were a bit aggressive this time around. Instead we stumbled upon this place and it was a nice quiet free site for a photo op.

Gorgeous nature. This runs into the Blue Hole, which is a must visit when in Ocho Rios. I had gone on my previous trip, with a more trustworthy companion and experienced the entire magnificence of the place. There is an extra special hidden surprise at the very top and no one else was there when we went.

Ideal for a swim and no annoying tourists. This is where the residents hang on the weekends.

We drove here but that is not our ride. There was a guy washing his car.

I love driving on the Jamaican roads. They are full of twists and turns and often going up hill, which lends to the most beautiful breathtaking views.

Our driver

His kin

The sky. This air is fresh and fills my lungs, heart and soul with a renewed sense of appreciation.

The Jelly Coconut tree back at the yard. These weren't ripe enough for consumption, but I struck up a deal with the next door neighbor to find me some and he brought plenty. They were a $100 JMD each. I gave him $500 JMD and he gave me 6. Not a bad deal to have them cooling in the fridge and not missing days. It felt so good to consume so much fresh healthy nutrients from fruit indigenous to the island. Beneath the tree was a pile to compost. More about that later.

Come back soon for Part II and III.

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