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Licorice and tobacco handmade soy wax melt.

Crafted with 100% planet friendly American grown soy wax, hemp wick and solid notes of licorice, tobacco and vetiver. Perfect for wax melters, incense burners or simply use as a deodorizer to freshen a room or closet.

I Fall For You | Licorice and Tobacco | Soy Wax Melt

SKU: 0025
  • Soy wax melt handmade with care in Brooklyn, NY. The fragrance produces pleasant notes of licorice, tobacco and vetiver. Smells earthy, strong and masculine.


    We use 100% American grown soy wax which makes for a clean and even burn. Our melts are comprised of wax and a mix of essential and premium grade fragrance oils. We omit toxic dyes and other additives, which results in a planet-friendly finished product. At Class Haus Femme, et al. we strive for perfection, which means quality products, good for mother nature too.


    The melt is perfect for any warmer or use to deodorize a room or car. Great for the flame averse.


    Perfect for every room of the house. Our handmade candles are crafted to last. Every facet of production is handled in house and designed with beauty, elegance, and style in mind.

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