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Luxurious and all-natural plant-based oil curated for hair and body.


Filled with gorgeous naturally pressed oils that add a beautiful touch to your self-care routine. Loaded with Vitamin E and other lovely hair growth encouraging properties.

Braid 'N Body Oil | 16oz. Handmade Oil

SKU: HaOi1
  • Luxurious oil for hair, braid and body handmade with care in Brooklyn, NY.


    Currently available in only two fragrances Winter and Spring.


    Winter: Clove, Pine, Wood

    Spring: Eucalyptus, Citrus, Herb


    Luxuriate in these beautiful essential oils, reminiscent of tropical berries, citrus, and hint of spice. Smells like a day at the spa!


    We use locally sourced ingredients always. We omit toxic dyes and other additives, which results in a planet-friendly finished product. At Class Haus Femme, et al. Inc. we strive for perfection, which means quality products, good for mother nature too.


    The 16oz.  jar is perfect for aromatherapy while overflowing in abundance.


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