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What's Love Got To Do With It?

So, this message showed up in my inbox and I thought about responding to this person. The reason I thought about responding is because I remember her and she seemed nice enough, but I assure you I did nothing, in this instance to encourage this behavior. Instead of any direct communication, I am going to be greatly discouraging these kinds of messages, interactions, inquiries and advances here. The reason being, this is my best attempt to avoid multiple responses and unnecessary exchanges.

I am really not interested in pursuing any relationships with any customers or clientele. If you find my interactions to be anything other than professional that is completely unintentional. When I am vending at pop-up shops, I am looking to do just that, exchange my goods and candle making services for the agreed upon price. Nothing more, nothing less. That is not to say that I am solely looking for a person's money in an attempt to devalue their existence, I am simply trying to do my job. I am VERY nice to everyone as I appreciate your business. I have spent years building and maintaining some relationships which started across from my table and have been rewarded with some amazing friendships but none of these are romantically linked.

It is my sole priority to maintain my small business and I pride myself in excellent customer service. I go above and beyond to ensure that everyone has a pleasant buying experience in addition to the quality products you have come to know and love. However, oftentimes men, (this is the first incident involving a woman) are looking for dates. I understand it is easy to strike up a conversation and slip in a "Can I buy you dinner some time?" but that is not what I am looking for.

I am not looking for ANY dates or "come-ons" this summer. Although it has happened in the past where a person may have found me interesting and pursued something romantically, I have never been the one to initiate anything of the like. None of these past dating experiences have ever really amounted to much. On the contrary, my most prevalent experience has been that I have lost customers because of it. Due to this fact, I am looking for nothing more than a busy productive summer while making time for family, fun and possibly travel.

I am sincerely not trying to meet people who are looking for anything outside of what my brand has to offer this way. In part, because I am not interested in dating anyone in this city, and it is starting to feel like in this country either. I find that oftentimes my passion for customer service has led to invitations because frankly across from my table I make myself VERY easy to like. Outside of that I may be completely unbearable and impossible to LOVE.

Please refrain from asking and please any inquiries outside of BUSINESS inquiries will go unanswered via the website or email.

I have omitted the person’s name and any contact information because I want to be respectful. I am also thankful for the inspiration for this month's post.

@farylopesb this is how I would like for you to respond to ALL the women except for me when they send LOVE messages...

The above is a joke! I have also become aware that I must repeatedly post disclaimers that remind people that these posts on my social media platform involving well known celebrity personas are simply pop culture references. They are not meant to be taken seriously. The reason I do it admittedly though is because I am aware it may cause confusion. I understand people see me and can easily make the assumption, that I could fit into the box of an interested or interesting party. I know some people will assume it is real interest. I do it because it is not harmful to the celebrities' reputation, and I recognize that it will be flattering to my image.

I have come to now realize that after all these years of becoming familiar with Stashana people want to know more. They look to social media to find the answers. I can NEVER post anything that doesn't receive commentary almost immediately. By commentary, I mean to illustrate that a stranger, in effect someone I do not know who in that moment wants their true identity obscured will likely in their own self-important way yell something about the post. It is done as if it was their responsibility to have words shared regarding it. Almost as if it was mandatory to say. Evidently done, because they want other people to hear, notice and hopefully also comment on their words. Usually, it sounds like an attempt to be clever. It is instead mostly just weird, unflattering, and generally meant to offend.

There is a bizarre fandom that now comes with having my singular social media page. Some people have grown so invested in this "Celebrity Pop Culture" facet on my INSTAGRAM BUSINESS page. They carry on lengthy conversations and weave it into every bit of their daily lives so they may feign importance because for them addressing the celebrity affiliation nearby is GREATLY important. I guess this is fine because it is a public page, but it also happens when my page is private as I rotate between the two options.

This leads me to my next point, this quest to know more is predominately more disturbing than rewarding. I would like to remind everyone that @classhausfemme has only about 1000 official followers. Yes, when I generate posts about Fary Lopes and other well-known and high-profile MALE celebrities I am very well aware that people can make the assertion that there is real romantic entanglement. It is also true that I may also genuinely find these men attractive. That does not mean I really expect anything from them. I am also aware their images come with other women who will pursue and not make a claim of a "pop culture reference" and will do other things besides tag a famous person.

Arriving at a conclusion, this is just a business stunt. I am promoting my brand and I am trying to continue enjoying what I do. I am not looking for anything outside of an easily explained away misconception, because I am aware how effortlessly I can remind everyone that this is "only for the internet." I am also aware some people consider me celebrity. I still disagree!

I do not believe I have a life that will never allow for me to live outside the public eye. I love the life I have created for myself so far. The tremendous popularity that has come with it pales in comparison to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo who I would never highlight that way because he seems married or Selena Gomez who is the most followed female on the platform. I also prefer it that way.

I am simply doing my best to be my best and I am still the ONLY person who gets to decide what that best version of my experience is. Please respect me. I love you all. Thanks for reading.

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