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High Raw Vegan

Updated: May 2

I thought about cancelling the blog. For multiple reasons. I thought why am I giving myself more work? I was getting annoyed at all the comments I was hearing surrounding the blog and the expectations of the arrival of posts and the timing of such things. I then decided the correlation between service and business were always worth my while, so here goes...

I didn't have much time this month for anything outside of making candles so this post will focus on how this year-long raw vegan challenge is progressing. We are now past the 6 month mark and I am experimenting more with adding cooked things. For months I did not have a stove and had no choice but to eat fully raw which I enjoyed greatly. However, at this juncture of the cleanse I have pretty much married to the idea of a lifelong commitment. I have been gracefully incorporating cooked things that are in line with the cleanse and enjoying every bite of it.

The premise being ONLY cooking things which may also be consumed raw, so long as it doesn't exceed 10% of meals over the course of the year. I had no idea this concept would allow me to make an entire cooked meal that would BLOW MY MIND. It was the most delicious meal I have ever made myself and I had been wanting to make something similar since LA. A few of the ingredients made the cross country trek. See pictures below.

In any event, what I have embarked on is officially known as a HIGH RAW VEGAN diet. I most certainly feel better when I eat 100% raw. There is a general sense of EUPHORIA that is part of what motivates me to eat this way time and time again. Yet, a warm home-cooked, fully loved up meal can be so comforting at the end of an arduous day. I think I have finally found that perfect balance.

I am also finally happy in my new space here and I am making the best of this new situation. I finally feel at home again for the first time in years. As with most things in life it isn't perfect but there a MANY redeeming qualities. I love the proximity to the BROOKLYN MUSEUM where I can be found many times a week. The commute is the easiest and business is booming. That being said, let's get to it!

Raw Vegan grocery haul...December LA

I don't eat breakfast too much because when I realized I was wasting an hour every morning when I could use it for selling I started taking food with me. I then became less hungry in the morning, coincidentally. On my days off though, I love waking up, showering, and having something yummy straight away.

Favorite breakfast/brunch all month

Let's throw this one in for good measure. Some people would argue vehemently that this was ALL about Stashana. I would say, it doesn't matter, but I like the visual. I mean it's fruit come on!!! Anyway, I have decided it is NOT in my best interest to draw conclusions like that but I understand other people do. In light of this, I can respect the art and it has always been in my best interest to be professional.